Eastern Shore Firearms Training
“When a strong man, fully armed, guards his own house, his possessions are safe." Luke 11:21

Jacksonville, NC
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Upcoming Class Schedule
Call or text us at 910-382-2893 and we will schedule you for a class. Class starts at 8am unless noted.
NC Concealed Carry - 11/01/2020
NC Concealed Carry - 11/11/2020
(Wednesday - starts at 8am)
NC Concealed Carry - 11/14/2020
NC Concealed Carry - 11/15/2020
(Sunday - starts at 1pm)
NC Concealed Carry - 11/17/2020
(Tuesday - starts at 8am)
NC Concealed Carry - 11/21/2020
NC Concealed Carry - 11/28/2020
NC Concealed Carry - 11/29/2020
(Sunday - starts at 1pm)

Evening, weekday classes and Sunday afternoons are always available.
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North Carolina Concealed Carry-Handgun (8 hours + range time)
This course will explain to the student the aspects of the North Carolina Concealed Carry - Handgun law as it applies to the rights of the citizen to carry a concealed handgun and to teach and apply the fundamentals of safety and basic marksmanship fundamentals.

This is a certification course so please be familiar with your handgun. You should know how to SAFELY handle, load, fire, perform reloads and unload your handgun. You don't have to be an expert with handguns, but you must demonstrate your ability to carry out and apply ALL of the fundamentals of safe firearms handling and marksmanship. If you're not sure about your competence level, contact us before registering. You may wish to attend our NRA Pistol Course before attending CCH.

What to bring to class:
Cost of this class is $55 each, $15 for ammo/pistol use (we use M&P22s with suppressors). Please call/text 910-382-2893 to reserve a seat then a $20 deposit is required to hold your seat once registration has been confirmed. Balance (cash only) is due when you come to class. Please use the secure PayPal form to make payments (debit and credit cards accepted). If unable to attend, the deposit may go toward a future class as long as you cancel day before the class. If not, an additional $20 deposit is required to hold your seat in that class. Full payment may also be submitted.

We can notarize your permit application if you bring it to class with you.

What you will receive:
Refreshments during class.
Required Certificate to turn in to Sheriff Department with your permit application.
Instructor contact information
NC Justice Academy CCH student book
Top Ten Concealed Carry Mistakes
Concealed Carry Prohibited Areas Matrix
Proficiency Test (must hit target 21 out of 30 shots fired from 3, 5, and 7 yards) This is a NC State requirement. 
Multiple choice test on Legal Issues. This is a NC State requirement.
Instruction on the following topics:

    •Legal Issues
    •Handgun Safety 
    •Handgun Fundamentals 
    •Marksmanship Fundamentals 
    •Carrying Concealed Safety Issues 
    •Presentation Techniques (drawing your handgun) 
    •Cleaning and Maintenance