Eastern Shore Firearms Training
“When a strong man, fully armed, guards his own house, his possessions are safe." Luke 11:21

Jacksonville, NC
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Upcoming Class Schedule
Call or text us at 910-382-2893 and we will schedule you for a class. Class starts at 8am unless noted.
NC Concealed Carry - 11/01/2020
NC Concealed Carry - 11/11/2020
(Wednesday - starts at 8am)
NC Concealed Carry - 11/14/2020
NC Concealed Carry - 11/15/2020
(Sunday - starts at 1pm)
NC Concealed Carry - 11/17/2020
(Tuesday - starts at 8am)
NC Concealed Carry - 11/21/2020
NC Concealed Carry - 11/28/2020
NC Concealed Carry - 11/29/2020
(Sunday - starts at 1pm)

Evening, weekday classes and Sunday afternoons are always available.
Reviews and class pictures can be seen on Facebook page.
NRA Pistol Courses

​The Basic Pistol course has recently been updated. Refer to https://onlinetraining.nra.org to complete Phase I.